Gluten, gluten, gluten

Buckwheat bread
Buckwheat bread

It seems everywhere you turn someone’s talking about gluten. You shouldn’t eat it, you should eat it, wheat is evil, it’s not wheat’s fault, gluten intolerance is real, gluten intolerance is all a big health scare… what’s a soul to think?

Whatever you think, and whatever your position on gluten, here’s a buckwheat bread recipe if you want to try a gluten-free alternative that doesn’t involve complicated flour mixtures and starter cultures. It was recommended by Sandor Katz during his talk at the fermentation workshop I’ve blogged previously.

I’m not sure it’s going to win any competitions (beauty or otherwise) against a goodBuckwheat Bread2 sourdough wheat bread, and it does of course taste quite buckwheaty (being only buckwheat & water). BUT: its texture is good, it’s moist and firm, and makes very good toast. Best of all, it’s very simple to make. You just soak the groats (not kasha, which is toasted) overnight, drain, blend and let sit to ferment for 24 hours, then bake.

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